Ecommerce Export Mentorship

Mentorship course is designed to provide continues support & Handholding for one year . Participant can attend the Online Live Course for first time and later on you can join live query Session Maximum 5 times in a month and interact live with Trainer and get resolve your queries face to face .Along with that Lifetime email support will be provided .Participant can also join the complete Online Live Training 3 times in a year to remain updated on the new guidelines/regulations & also revise the knowledge . Recording course access will be given for first 2 months .This is specifically for one Individual and services is non transferable .

*****Original Export Import Documents & Format worth Rs 10,000 will be provided FREE to participants ,Documents Like Export Invoice, Packing List, CSB-5 Invoice , SLI ,EVD, Bill of Lading, COO,BRC ,FIRC , Performa Invoice ,ADCODE, LUT ,EWAY BILL, BOE ,Training PPT , Top Selling Product Category Research Report etc, will be shared post training for your reference & use .******

Course Syllabus covered in Training

1) Overview of Export & E commerce Export

2) International Order Self Shipping from India by India Post , DHL, Fedex Etc

3) Forex Exchange

4) Profit Margin Calculation

5) HSN Code briefing

6) Custom Registration

7) Import & Export License Briefing

8) Letter of Undertaking

9) Value Declaration

10) Shipping Bill

11) Commercial invoice & packing list

12) Bank Certificate

13) Remittance certificate

14) Purpose code Briefing

15) RBI Caution List Briefing

16) Website Overview ( USA, Canada ,Mexico)

17) Amazon Brand Registry (Trademark /Brand Registration in India)

18) Process of Sending Product to Amazon USA fulfilment Centre FBA

19) 1 year on mail ,Watsapp & Limited Call support for help in sending maximum 3 Bulk export Shipment .

20) All govt fee , registration fee, custom duty & logistic fee will have to be taken care by

21) For Further queries ,you can contact us on Whatsapp/Call 7803826151

22) Product Research

23) Target Country for your Product .

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Course Fee : ̶2̶5̶0̶0̶0̶ Rs after Discount Final Fee is 19500 Rs .

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) How I can calculate the value declaration of Amazon FBA USA shipment ? 
Answer : Yes it is covered in training .

2) How I can prepare the export invoice with Tax & without Tax ?
Answer : It is covered in Training .Sample Invoice will will be shared in excel format for future use. 

3) What documents or study material will provided in the training ?
Answer : Presentation PPT and sample documents of export (Excel format so can be use in future for export) will share with the participant .

4) How I can create the FBA shipment & Product Labels ?
Answer : It will be shown in training by creating sample FBA shipment in portal .

5) How I can ship the Amazon FBA USA shipment ? How I can do the custom clearance in USA ?
Answer : Detail will be share in the training .

6) What is remittance certificate ? What is Bank certificate ? What is banking formalities before & after Export ? 
Answer : It is covered in training .

7) What will be the shipping cost for export ?
Answer : Sample costing will be shared and reference of shipping price will be discussed.

8) What is the role of Payment Gateway like Paypal....etc ? How I will get remittance from them & other formalities ?
Answer : It will be discuss in training and complete process will be shared.

9) What is the documentation & process of eCommerce export & Bulk Export ? 
Answer : It is completely covered in training .

10) I have received Export order directly from Foreign buyer , how i can ship the order to buyer and what are the processes & documentation involved in Bulk Export ? 
Answer : It is covered in training . 

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